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Centrifugal High Power Water Heating Air Curtain


Reliable Structure

Centrifugal fan blower with low noise motor, produce powerful air velocity and long time running without failure. 

High Efficiency

Multi-layer compound fan coil, with low consumption and high heat dissipation. Safety and reliable performance.

Humanized Design

Preset left and right side 2 ways water inlets, thus, can meet different mounting occasion.

Easy Control

Adopting button switch, with high & low air velocity.

Suitable Occasions: Factory warehouses, Office buildings, large workshops, High speed rail stations and other special occasions.

Mounting height:4-5m.

Centrifugal High Power Water Heating Air Curtain Technical Specifications:


Unit Size




Motor Power


  Heat dispersal capacity


Air velocity


Air volume (m³/h)



Net Weight


        1 2 3 H L H L    
RM-5009A-S 900x351x376 220 630 28 23.5 21 21 17 2750 2320 ≤64 36
RM-5012A-S 1200x351x376 220 850 36 30 27 21 17 3500 2920 ≤66 43
RM-5015A-S 1500x351x376 220 1050 44 37 33 21 17 4250 3550 ≤68 51.5
RM-5018A-S 1800x351x376 220 1300 52 43.5 39 21 17 5000 4150 ≤70 58.5





Theodoor honor



Theodoor air curtain

Provide you the unusual confort experience


Theodoor Air Curtain adopt non-isometric quiet impellers to avoid the maximum noise frequency areal. Combined with scientific airflow design, it can redece noise effectively under stable operation. The working noise is around 50 dB which is as quiet as the office.


Powerful isolation, Efficient and energy saving


Air curtain is an air fresher equipment, to form an "invisible air door" by running of high speed motor with cross flow or centrifugal blower. It has been widely used in electronic, medicine making, food processing, precision processing, chemical, business areas and other industry. It can effectively isolate convection indoor and outdoor and keep temperature and humidity. Air curtain is also called air door, air barrier etc.

Dust-proof, insect prevention

Theodoor air curtain creates high speed and strong air flow, preventing dust from outside efficiently, deeping clean indoor environment.

Isolate the smell

Air curtain's high speed air flow can isolate outdoor gas and oil, poisonous gas. It also resists smells from kitchen, dining hall, chemical laboratory, freezer etc. Creating a fresh and comfortable environment.

Energy saving

The air door separates outdoor from indoor, resisting the escape of indoor cold air/warm air. Thus, it can save the energy consumption of air conditioner in a huge extent. Taking an important role for keeping constant temperature and saving energy in shops, restaurants, and other entertainment places, where have huge flow of people.

Comfortable heating

Theodoor heating air curtain series, water warm/vapor air curtain series with high safety performance and prompt temperature-rising could rise and keep temperature at entrance and exit, bring comfortable and warm feeling for passengers in winter.

Theodoor air curtain functions



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