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S6 Aluminum Series air curtain

       WHITE           SLIVER                    CHAMPAGNE

Application: for high grade restaurants, offices, shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings etc


Product Description

1.Fashion design

Outside cover without screw, patent design of arc shape appearance and thinner side cover.

2.Touch screen operation

Available with remote control and touch screen; with high and low speeds operation;

3.Centrifugal fan motor

Low noise centrifugal fan, with high air pressure and adjustable air direction.

4.Luxury materials

By aluminum cover body and combine with high precise ABS, never rusty and easy disassembly; high velocity motor can operate continuously 5000h without failure.

5.Available color

White, Silver, Champagne


for high grade restaurants, offices, shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings etc.



S6 Aluminum Series air curtain

S6 Aluminum Series air curtain

Tech Spec


Model Voltage
Input power
Air Volume
Air Speed
Net W. 
Hi Low Hi Low Hi Low Hi Lo
FM-3509-L/YS6 220~
240 /50
230 200 1100 900 16 13 <52 <49 13.5 900x220 x240
FM-3510-L/YS6 250 220 1200 1000 <52 <49 14 1000 x220 x240
FM-3512-L/YS6 290 260 1500 1200 <53 <50 16 1200 x220 x240
FM-3515-L/YS6 380 350 1900 1500 <55 <52 20.5 1500 x220 x240
FM-3518-L/YS6 450 420 2280 1800 <57 <55 24 1800 x220 x240
FM-3520-L/YS6 470 440 2520 2100 <58 <56 27.5 2000 x220 x240
FM-40 SERIES: (Available door height: 3-4m)
FM-4009-L/YS6 220~
240 /50
300 270 1400 1000 20 16 <57 <54 13 900x220 x240
FM-4010-L/YS6 320 290 1550 1100 <57 <54 13.5 1000 x220 x240
FM-4012-L/YS6 400 370 1900 1500 <58 <55 15.5 1200 x220 x240
FM-4015-L/YS6 500 470 2300 1900 <61 <58 20 1500 x220 x240
FM-4018-L/YS6 600 570 2850 2250 <63 <61 23.5 1800 x220 x240
FM-4020-L/YS6 620 590 3255 2855 <64 <62 27 2000 x220 x240


Provide you the unusual confort experience


Theodoor Air Curtain adopt non-isometric quiet impellers to avoid the maximum noise frequency areal. Combined with scientific airflow design, it can redece noise effectively under stable operation. The working noise is around 50 dB which is as quiet as the office.


Powerful isolation, Efficient and energy saving


Air curtain is an air fresher equipment, to form an "invisible air door" by running of high speed motor with cross flow or centrifugal blower. It has been widely used in electronic, medicine making, food processing, precision processing, chemical, business areas and other industry. It can effectively isolate convection indoor and outdoor and keep temperature and humidity. Air curtain is also called air door, air barrier etc.

Dust-proof, insect prevention

Theodoor air curtain creates high speed and strong air flow, preventing dust from outside efficiently, deeping clean indoor environment.

Isolate the smell

Air curtain's high speed air flow can isolate outdoor gas and oil, poisonous gas. It also resists smells from kitchen, dining hall, chemical laboratory, freezer etc. Creating a fresh and comfortable environment.

Energy saving

The air door separates outdoor from indoor, resisting the escape of indoor cold air/warm air. Thus, it can save the energy consumption of air conditioner in a huge extent. Taking an important role for keeping constant temperature and saving energy in shops, restaurants, and other entertainment places, where have huge flow of people.

Comfortable heating

Theodoor heating air curtain series, water warm/vapor air curtain series with high safety performance and prompt temperature-rising could rise and keep temperature at entrance and exit, bring comfortable and warm feeling for passengers in winter.

Theodoor air curtain functions



Powerful engine, stronger performance


Generally used for the equipment to start and control speed at high performance requirements, which need high manufacturing cost, have good performance and good adaptability for humidity and corrosion environment.

air curtain's motor

High density filter net for dustproof effectively


The air inlet of the air curtain is provided with high density filter net, filtering air, blocking dust, bacteria and other unclean objects.

Filter net

Perfect unity of equipment and architecture


Magnetic door switch is an additional switch device, which can be used for remote control and key switch type air curtain. The air curtain will start automatically when the door opened and shut down automatically after the door is closed.

Theodoor air curtain can be combined with weak or strong electricity door switch, and it is more convenient and eneygy-saving.


Inteligent induction design can start automatically when the door opened and shut down automatically after the door is closed.


Timely opening, reduce energy consumption, energy saving.


Automatic control, practical and convenience, more humanize.

Theodoor air curtain


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