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24V DC Series Air Curtain

24V DC Series Air Curtain

1. Compact & slim design - The cover is made of stainless steel. it is easy installation and simple maintenance.

2. The optmized fan wheel provides stable & even air flow. it has large air volume and low noise performance.

3. The reliable designed DC motor, with overheating protector and has safety operation of 5000 hours continuously without failure.

Suitable for application in bus or truck where voltage require at 24V.

Mounting height: 2.5 - 3M.



24V DC Series Air Curtain


Model BPM Power(w)

Air velocity




Air volume


Net weight


Unit size


DC2408V 2300 50 8.5 57 710 4.6 800x138x100
DC2410V 2280 53 8.5 57 850 5.5 1000x138x100
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