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Industrial Centrifugal Series Air Curtain

industrial Centrifugal air curtain

                     Full steel casing     High effient motor      Adjustable air direction       Key switch

Product Features:


The square reinforced structure is made from galvanized steel with power coated, sturdy and durable which is never being deformed.


The centrifugal turbine fan is made from steel which is safe and durable. The high velocity powerful motor can meet the higher installation and special environments.


Centrifugal Metal fan blower (Fan diameter 160) supply powerful airflow. Large air outlet and higher air velocity reach up to 25m/s create more sufficient air volume.

Application: installation in plant, cold storage, garage, workshop and other industrial use.

Theodoor  Industrial super  large wind Air Curtain

Extra wind force Air Curtain for special situations.

1) Hard wire with one speed.

2) Steel cover design.

3) Adopting optimized electrical machinery, it operates reliably and safely.

Metallic Body and blowers 
For Industrial application

Product Introduction

As a new modern decorative & high-level product - Air Curtain, also the air conditioners best partner. Applicable installation in a large cold storage, storage room or factory workshop door, air curtain can keep dust, moth, anti-harmful gases, prevent heating and cooling air loss, and so on.

 Idetification&Installation Dimensions

Idetification&Installation Dimensions







Motor power

Air volume

Air velocity


Net weight


(mm) (Hz) (V~) H / L H / L H / L (dB) (kg)
FM-6009A 900 50 220 1300 3760/3000 25/20 66 28 900*350*300
FM-6010A 1000 50 220 1400 4150/3300 25/20 66 30 1000*350*300
FM-6012A 1200 50 220 2000 5640/4510 25/20 69 43 1200*350*300
FM-6015A 1500 50 220 2600 7520/6010 25/20 70 52 1500*350*300
FM-6018A 1800 50 220 2800 8500/6800 25/20 70 58 1800*350*300
FM-6020A 2000 50 220 3300 9400/7520 25/20 72 70 2000*350*300


  • Making life more comfortable inside

The Theodoor Air Curtain produces a high speed air current, dividing the inside and outside of the room into two independent temperature zones with the result that levels of interior air conditioning are maintained and the air is purified whilst energy is saved. Summer heat, winter cold, dust, insects, smoke, unpleasant odors and exhaust fumes are all kept out.

  • Prevent the loss of cool or warm air whilst economizing on electricity.
  • Efficient dust and insect-proofing..
  • Protect against smoke and noxious fumes.
  • Accelerate air circulation

Theodoor company


Guangzhou Theodoor technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high technology enterprise. focus on R&D and manufacture energy saving products. such as Air Curtain, Heating fan Conditioner and Thermal Radiant Heater etc. As one of the star brands in Air Curtain industry Theodoor produces a variety of Air Curtains and exports to more than 80 countries and regions. 


 Founded in 2002, Theodoor is lccated in Guangzhou innovation and development new area-Sino-Singapore Krlowledge City (SSGKC) with an area of 30,000 square meters. we have modern production workshop,applying the most advanced industrial equipments and detecting instruments to provide produa manufacturing precision and stability of extremely reliable guarantee. Theodoor has fu11 series procluc which meet dlfferent customizec demand in different countrles or areas. 


With consecutive creation and innovation. Theodoor has built up national standard environmental simulation laboratory as well as air curtain long-time running laboratory. What's more, Theodcor has accessed national invention and other patents more than 80 items, leading the quality and performance of product upgrading in the industry Theodoor and the produas had passed ISO9001, ISO14001, CCC, CE, CB, ROHS, ERP, UL SASO INMETRO and SAA certifications etc. 


Theodoor has acquired "High-tech Enteprises", "Famous Brand" "air Curtain Star Brand",  "Guangzhou Municipal Government Key Marketing Products"," Top-ten Famous Brand", "Tpp-ten Advantages of Enterprises", "The Most Investment Value Award", "Apply Intemational Standard Product Standards Certificate" and "Standard Innovation Working Award" honors, and has won the biddings of matching projects of Guangzhou Asian Games, Beijing Olympic, Shanghai World  Expo, Wanda Plaza and Xian World Horticulture Expo etc". lnnovation, Creation, Share, Win-Win"!  Theodoor is committed to create a better green life for the global customers. 


Theodoor honor

Theodoor enterprise Theodoor air curtain


Theodoor air curtain

Provide you the unusual confort experience


Theodoor Air Curtain adopt non-isometric quiet impellers to avoid the maximum noise frequency areal. Combined with scientific airflow design, it can redece noise effectively under stable operation. The working noise is around 50 dB which is as quiet as the office.


Powerful isolation, Efficient and energy saving


Air curtain is an air fresher equipment, to form an "invisible air door" by running of high speed motor with cross flow or centrifugal blower. It has been widely used in electronic, medicine making, food processing, precision processing, chemical, business areas and other industry. It can effectively isolate convection indoor and outdoor and keep temperature and humidity. Air curtain is also called air door, air barrier etc.

Dust-proof, insect prevention

Theodoor air curtain creates high speed and strong air flow, preventing dust from outside efficiently, deeping clean indoor environment.

Isolate the smell

Air curtain's high speed air flow can isolate outdoor gas and oil, poisonous gas. It also resists smells from kitchen, dining hall, chemical laboratory, freezer etc. Creating a fresh and comfortable environment.

Energy saving

The air door separates outdoor from indoor, resisting the escape of indoor cold air/warm air. Thus, it can save the energy consumption of air conditioner in a huge extent. Taking an important role for keeping constant temperature and saving energy in shops, restaurants, and other entertainment places, where have huge flow of people.

Comfortable heating

Theodoor heating air curtain series, water warm/vapor air curtain series with high safety performance and prompt temperature-rising could rise and keep temperature at entrance and exit, bring comfortable and warm feeling for passengers in winter.

Theodoor air curtain functions



Powerful engine, stronger performance


Generally used for the equipment to start and control speed at high performance requirements, which need high manufacturing cost, have good performance and good adaptability for humidity and corrosion environment.

air curtain's motor


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