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Swimming Pool Heat Pump - T8

Security Protection

Intelligent Protection System

Add Water Control

Range of applications:

  • swimming pools
  • public baths
  • pools and other breeding


Comparison of an application for special occasions in the heat pump cycle engineering units.

Used by special units to deal with anti-corrosion properties and good water heat exchanger. Can withstand the heat treatment time and will not affect the teat transfer performance of ring. Long life, high efficiency. The appearance and structuere of the new design, installation more convenient. Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heat Pump compared to other high-temperature, flow rate greter energy-effcieng.

Rancge of applications:swimming pools, public baths, pools and other breeding.?

A Wide Range of Security Protection

Security Protection:?ground fault circuit interrupter, leakage current checking, Ground Protection

Intelligent Protection System:?protection of pressure voltage, motor overload protection, over-temperature protection

Safety Valve to Protect:?Inside water temperature and pressure sensor, anyone value of more than security, it will be start relief?

Energy Saving

Expenses comparison- 1 ton water to heat from 15℃ to 55℃


Energy? Source

Energy Price

Average Expenses

Solar water heater and electronic auxiliary (Calculated for 90-120 days electronic auxiliary

Solar energy and electricity

Electricity 0.8RMB/Degree Free solar energy


Diesel oil boiler

Diesel oil







Electrical water heater


0.8RMB/degree Free solar energy


Environmental Protection

Heat comes from air, no exhaust gas produced. Protect our environment is social morality.

According to the study indicated that, for each unit of electricity ,the consumption of fossil material to about 0.67Kg of carbon dioxide release. China’s average temperature and a five-person households use hot water sa an example, one-year results of the air to water heater, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced to 500kg, And save a few thousand dollars per year of liquefied gas and electricity costs .

Easy Install


Heodoor engineering machine installation diagram
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