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Production management

Standardization of producing procedure: ISO9001 Management system

In accordance with strict international standard quality system for production management, truly achieve the rule of law, scientific, standardized requirements.


Workshop Management Standardization: Implement 6S Management

Through “Tidy, Reorganization, Sweeping, Cleanness, Quality, Safety”, we are trying to train the rigorous work habit of crew, so that guarantee the quality of products. To meet the delivery time, systemization makes the producing procedure obviously, thus, enabling to adjust once occurring problems.


Operation Management Informatization: Implement ERP Management System

By adopting modern enterprise management model, forming a highly integrated system, and applied throughout customers, projects, warehouse, purchasing and supplying to maximum the benefit of resource. From the beginning to the completion, we have made strict control and supervision to solve any problem came out during the producing procedure.


Production of Motors: Automatic Pipeline Work

Known as “heart”, our motors adopt “automatic and integrated” modernized producing model. We have realized the using of automatic pipeline work from inserting line, binding line, testing, dipping paint, and the whole procedure, which not only enhanced our production capacity, but also ensured the quality.


Machine shop: Numerical control production

Numerical control of machinery production, automation, standardization, high precision, intelligent, core strength achievement of modern manufacturing technology are the crucial factors to improve product quality and labor productivity.



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