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Brand introduction

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         When air source heat pump technology was starting to be introduced into china, Theodoor has already on the road of researching and developing air source products, and becoming one of the first batch enterprises that have acquired “National Industrial Products Producing Permit” after the new standard coming into effect. With years of developing, Theodoor’s products sell well in more than 80 countries and districts.

 Rigorous Artistry

        By introducing and developing rigorous German Artistry, Theodoor has devoted to create high efficiency and reliable products, consequently, we have created much more energy-saving air curtains than the same air volume and velocity air curtains of other brands in the markets.
       From raw materials to products, we have made strict tests of safety, energy-saving, efficiency, environment-friendly etc., and reaching the international standards to ensure Theodoor’s every product’s durability and reliability. What’s more, Theodoor’s heat pump water heaters are widely sed in family, hotel, hospital, suite and swimming pool and other places.

 Fashion Elements

        Idea of design has become the core element of our developmental philosophy and strategy. Our company has realized the importance of industrial design for people's life at the very first beginning, and forming a concept: quality is not only depending on the product technology and reliability, but also the mature design and using function. Industrial design not only relates to product manufacturing, it is a carrier of communication and understanding.
         Theodoor has casted a product concept out of common by imaginative design—product is one of key elements to show the unique aesthetic of contemporary home furnishing, requiring fashion.
        Beginning with its forward-looking vision, interpreting Chinese pump industry and electrical industry’s insight and understanding with a unique value, and this is the core concept of Theodore- value of innovation, harmony- the culture foundation which supports Theodoor standing on the area of Chinese energy-saving environmental protection industry. Starting from innovation, to achieve the best user experience, to maximize the creation of value, to realize the human and the human, the human and the nature, people sharing social value, harmonious coexistence!


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